It's a bittersweet symphony, this life. (gd_tbs_mcr) wrote in fftl_united,
It's a bittersweet symphony, this life.


i'm in a desperate situation right now and if anyone can please help i would be eternally grateful.

i bought floor tickets for the april 27 show in tampa at the st pete times forum. however they have changed the venue to the usf sundome. the sundome isn't accepting forum tickets, so people were forced to buy new tickets. but the sundome is only half the size of the forum so they had to cut out 50% of the people. these new tickets are ALREADY SOLD OUT. they sold out overnight within a few hours so now i have now tickets. so i'm asking PLEASE, if anyone has a pair of tickets to thursday night's show at the SUNDOME, and you're willing to sell them, PLEASE contact me. you make an offer and we will pay it. floor tickets, seat tickets, anything. we are desperate. so please, please, if you are willing to sell a pair of tickets for thursday's show at the SUNDOME, contact me.

my email is:
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